Our Team  

Nick Read is the director of Training for Change

and has built up the business since 1994.

He is ably assisted by a team of colleagues and highly skilled workplace trainers.

Training and facilitation

Nick Read

MA (Hons), Dip Tchg, NLP-NS Master Prac 

Nick established Training for Change in 1994. His purpose is to offer training and facilitation services to corporate business in the area of human dynamics – the interface of people working with people.

Nick has a background in teaching, television production, sales and corporate communications. These experiences have shaped his business philosophy – the purpose of any initiative is to support people to change their behaviour.  

His view is that most people do the best job they can with the resources they have. But many people in business have not been given the resources necessary to carry out their roles effectively. When they have more skills and strategies introduced in a supportive environment people are eager to improve their own performance. Often this requires input from external specialist workplace trainers.

Annette Arthur

Annette Arthur (Nettie)

Works admirably to keep us all in line! She looks after our logistics and ensures our written material is up to scratch!  

professional workplace trainers

Craig Chappell

Altered State Learning  

Craig and Nick often collaborate on developing and delivering programmes for our clients. Craig’s speciality lies in workplace productivity training, behavioural interviewing for managers and growing emotionally intelligent leaders and teams.

Currently in Sydney, Craig looks after our Australian work.  He is often crossing the Tasman to support NZ clients too.

Leadership Training NZ

Gillian Taylor

Taylored Solutions 

Gillian believes that people can achieve extraordinary things when they work together to create value. She is a specialist facilitator, supporting collaborative stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. Gillian and Nick have partnered on several projects, combining the best of what each brings to a client’s solution. As Gillian says, The road to success is paved with good relationships.

Training 4 Change

Workplace Learning and Development

Our workplace learning and development programmes support companies through
consulting, coaching & training in communication & leadership

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